Why I Strike

Are you overworked and underpaid? Is your boss giving you a hard time? Are you unemployed? Do you have mounting credit debt or student debt?

Its time to strike and remove your consent from the illegitimate economic and political institutions that run our lives.

Its been over a year since my bank account had a positive balance for more than a day.

Why I Strike.

I do not strike because I desire one of the nice cars our politicians, bankers and CEO’s drive. 
I do not strike because I desire a mansion or a new house. 
I strike because I am awake and aware of what is being done to you, me and our country. 
I strike because I am not too young to know the difference and not too old to stand up.
I strike because people I love are scared and confused.
I strike because our children depend on us for a better future.
I strike because we need affordable health care and food. 
I strike because I cannot ignore the city streets that are lined with hungry people who spend their nights cold and wet. 
I strike because the 1% book flights to vacation resorts and decorate their lobster dinner tables with my friend’s child’s formula money. 
I strike because some of the 99% are too tired, too weak, and too sick. 
I strike because our soldiers are being killed and our earth is being destroyed for financial gain.
I strike because some brothers go without eating so there sisters can.
I strike because too many single mothers work away their entire lives just to feed their families. 
I strike because our military veterans who by the grace of God make it back alive have been tossed in shelters or under bridges and ignored. 
I strike because they are sad and broken.
I strike because of corporate owned media lies and mass confusion.
I strike because we cannot afford text books but we can afford missiles.
I strike because the value of a person should not be determined by the money in their bank account. 
I strike because I’m tired of just talking and complaining.
I strike because collectively “we the people” can rise against and defeat oppression.
I strike because I want people to listen.
I strike because I can make a difference.

The 1% has been very good to me. I have TWO jobs!

Keep spending and bending - the truth. Money has limits. Believe US, we know!

Why I don’t. Why i will.

‎I do not strike because I am a part of occupy or any other organization. I strike because I’m poor. Because I’m hungry. I strike because I don’t know where I’m going to live in a year, because I don’t know if the bank is going to steal my house. Tear it down to put up some sort of jail, be it a prison or fancy lofts. I strike because i could’t afford to go to college. I strike because the ones that went now have a lifetime of insurmountable debt. I strike because at these same universities, human beings are being turned away from an education because, well, they’re just not american enough. I strike because my friends can’t get married for the same reason. I strike for every woman. For every single victim of police violence. And for every child left behind. I strike because i can’t get a job. Because I watch friends and family shipped overseas to fight a war for profit. One they at times didn’t agree with. And I watch them never come back the same. Some war machines, some shell-shocked. Some not at all. I strike because the ones that do make it, the ones that served their country, now struggle like I do. Often times worse. I strike because I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing loved ones suffer in pain and pass away because they don’t have the right health insurance, if any at all. I strike because my friend fell victim to the war on drugs and is now in prison. I strike because sometimes I see his son. Sometimes more than him. And I’m disgusted. Every day I see the beautiful faces of the financially poor hidden in the shadows cast by buildings of the wealthy. And the ones that don’t cast shadows are abandoned. Their sidewalks lined with the homeless (how long until that’s me). The same homeless who ask every day for just a little change, just to be denied or ignored, or arrested. The same ones who aren’t allowed to eat the excess of food the city’s thousands of restaurants throw away every night. No, they’d rather it just be garbage. and I’m starting to believe they’d like the poor to follow suit. I am not garbage. And I strike because I have to. I have to so something. I know my life can be better. 

Stand with me May 1st.

I strike because your life might be the same.

I strike because the corporate and political elite are destroying and criminalizing my natural way of living.  I must pay tax just to exist on an Earth that was not created by any person.  Laws are being made that prohibit me from providing my own healthy natural food.  Laws are being created that help the corporate elite destroy the land that I feed from and the waters that I fish from for nothing more than profit.  I cannot live my life naturally without being labeled as a criminal or terrorist.

I strike because it seems like my degree is worthless. 

I strike because it seems like my degree is worthless. 

Spartian Economics…

I am striking because we have become a monoculture based around the image of the economic straw-man. I do not make all decisions based on self interest. I do not value money over meaning. I fear that this insistance on the easy, quick, and the material is robbing us of our most valuable cultural aspects: diversity and culture. Ask yourself: Where is the heritage of the Harlem Renaissance? The Beats? The promise of the postmodern art movements? Is Ayn Rand a philosopher or just a coddler? Our culture has no place for arts, literature and philosophy that isn’t easy, cross-marketable, and above all profitable. Socrates stood in front of an athens that found itself in a very similar situation and asked “What makes Athens great?” I am striking for a similar reasons. I want to find the greatness of of our people, which is something that cannot be quantified and put on a spreadsheet. It cannot be co-opted into a system of profit, therefore, it is the only avenue of resistance to a monoculture of materialism.

Kids shouldn’t have to live in a world where all they want to do is escape it.

Kids shouldn’t have to live in a world where all they want to do is escape it.

Food or medicine

I strike because I shouldn’t have to choose between food and medicine. 

Because public school teachers are hobbled by the system

I’ve given the last twenty years of my working life to public education. I have a passionate belief in the possibilities of people and societies, even as I see my own society continue to erode and barrel downhill. I’m pretty sure that the power of human stubbornness is as yet untapped, and that we could bring the whole corrupt capitalist system down in a heartbeat if we all just stopped cooperating with it. I will call in sick on Tuesday — because it’s not worth getting fired over, and because the students at my school watch my videos at Occupy locations, and they learn about nonviolent methods and then conduct more research themselves. They can just strike, not call in sick, and more power to them. They speak out and stand up. However crappy the public education system is, I will keep working in it. Yes, I will hang on to my salary and my family’s health insurance coverage in the process. But I will also occupy, and strike, every chance I get — because all the kids deserve a better world.

I Strike because it is imperative that I do not stand aside, and consent through silence to an emerging police state, where people are harassed, unlawfully detained or arrested, have acts of violences committed on them, jailed and murdered, with the belligerence of public figures that act with total impunity to destroy our shared Constitutional Rights.

I Strike to ensure that my ongoing efforts are clearly understood by the 1%; that the maintenance of their rancid political and economic system has failed us, as it becomes ever so increasingly self evident.

I Strike in defiance of generational legacies of injustice and violence with relentless opposition to the real prospects of a grim and disastrous future.

I Strike because there are no other moral alternatives to our collective reality.

Everyday, countless people work towards something meaningful, something beautiful, something thoughtful, something kind… To do so is an act of positive confrontation, a constant challenging of the grim context of what it means to exist now in the face of all those that want to run the world as we know it into the ground. As a member of a body of workers that challenges definitions of what it is to work, what is valuable & what it means to be successful, my positive belief in the future is strengthened. I think we have something worth fighting for. As we challenge with our work, we will challenge by our refusal to work. As we redefine value, we will reclaim what has been taken by those that value only money. I know we will be successful if we are together. This is why I strike.



I am going on rent strike because my landlord tried to kick me out of the apartment where I have lived for 35 years. He recently bought the rent regulated building and wants to raise the rents to more than I can afford to pay. I am fighting to keep my apartment but others lost theirs and some are homeless now. These speculators don’t care what happens to people forced out by gentrification. They just want to get the rents as high as they can. That is why I am striking, because





Rent is the Cash Cow of the 1% that gives NYC corporate real estate the obscene profits used to maintain a State and City Housing Policy that is causing homelessness. Landlords have bought State and City politicians with tenant’s rent money.

A Citywide Rent Slowdown will show the power of the 99% and give tenants from all backgrounds the opportunity to occupy

The low 2.5% vacancy rate, the high market rents, the lack of affordable housing, and the sharp rise of homelessness in NYC are not accidents. They are all the result of a housing policy that politicians refuse to change.

Nothing gets the attention of the 1% more than when their money supply is threatened!

 Your landlord will get the message and pass it on to the bought politicians. Consider a rent strike, and do it legally, to reduce cash flow to corporate real estate, get repairs and services you pay rent for and help the economy by making landlords hire working people instead of politicians. Go to OCCUPYYOURAPT.COM/ and NYCRENTSTRIKE.COM for more information on the Rent Slowdown and Citywide Rent Strike beginning on May Day to change housing policy.