Why I Strike

Are you overworked and underpaid? Is your boss giving you a hard time? Are you unemployed? Do you have mounting credit debt or student debt?

Its time to strike and remove your consent from the illegitimate economic and political institutions that run our lives.

I strike because we need change. Our priorities are askew and the powerful have forgotten who helped them achieve success and wealth. I strike because there is a chance for a better tomorrow and it begins by using our voices in every way possible.

I strike because the political democracy of any republic, cannot survive in a climate of economic feudalism, and the power of the people over their rightful offices cannot reign until the power of money is defeated. 

I strike because the vaunted self-interested of the few, unrestrained by ethic or responsibility, has degraded, by wanton greed and reckless disregard, the common home of the many- and I wish to pass to my children and the descendants of all this world’s creatures a planet supporting an abundant and enduring life. 

I strike because a world in which the accumulation of ever-greater treasures for the oligarchical class takes precedence over the wealth, welfare, empowerment, dignity, and lives of the working people that creates those treasures, is not a world conducive to the highest principles of our conscience.

I am striking because I am not McHappy with the free market telling me to flip burgers

Are we happy yet?

McDonald’s has been ranked one of the top five employers in Canada and offers what no local employer can: the certainty of future employment. McDonald’s is ideal employer in my community because - unlike everyone else - it pays above the minimum wage, offers a discount on food and even has scholarship opportunities.

McDonald’s operates a highly successful business model that went unchallenged until 2004, when Morgan Spurlock nearly boxed his liver dining on McDonald’s in the Super Size Me documentary. For the first time ever, McDonald’s profits suffered when the general public was made aware of how poisonous their products are.

Since that time the recent economic downturn has created a resurgence in demand for McDonald’s products as consumers lack the discretionary income to dine out at finer establishments and the corporation is once again posting healthy profits.

Like any restaurant, the secret is in the ingredients. The formula of fat, sugar, salt and chemical additives that made McDonald’s famous. 

When you work at McDonald’s, you get to read all the ingredients that you never knew existed and find out which ones are banned in what countries. You get to learn to cook the beef to a certain temperature so that customers won’t get sick from the feces in the meat. You get confused trying to figure out why lettuce costs more than meat. You get to realize the lettuce is only there to make the meat look healthy. You get to find out that there is no remote control and you can’t turn off the right wing media.

I am going on strike because I know that you - not me - are paying the price for my otherwise worthless education and you will continue to do so until I abandon my role in society upholding the industrial-agricultural system and purveying the epidemic of diabetes.

I strike because my nation, Puerto Rico, is super exploited. The 99% gets $60,000,000,000 from Puerto Rico every year in profits. In other words, we involuntarily help to maintain our our oppression and exploitation. The food coupons that we get come out of our own money and not out of the pockets of the 1%.

I Strike Because It’s Our Only Option

Power responds only to power. The powerless remain so until we stand together in the streets and refuse to participate in a system which keeps us separated and plays us against each other and to the benefit of the 1%. No more. Solidarity, love and empathy will be our guide.